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What is your Beat Any Cruise Price Guarantee?
Call us at (800) 470 6545. Tell one of our representatives the lowest price you have found for your cruise. WE BEAT IT. It's that simple.

How long are cruises?
Cruises range from 3-day cruise to 3-month cruises.

How do I book a cruise?
You can do this in a couple of easy steps. Simply call us at (800) 470- 6545. When a Cruise Line Ld. Representative answers, tell them what you are interested in and they will handle it from there! They are trained to answer any questions you may have and will be there with you through the whole booking process.

Are all ships and cruises fairly similar?
Not at all. Different cruises accommodate different people. BeatAnyCruisePrice.com Representatives are there to help you in choosing the best cruise for you!

Can I extend my cruise vacation?
BeatAnyCruisePrice.com is able to apply pre or post cruise packages to your cruise vacation. Simply tell your sales representative what you are interested in doing, and the BeatAnyCruisePrice.com will make it happen for you!

Can we stay in touch with the outside?
Most ships have a daily newsletter with headlines and sports scores. Staterooms are equipped with satellite televisions and in some cases Internet connections. You can make a call to somebody through the ship's radio operator while at sea. And, you can make phone calls from most ports. Also, ships have fax capabilities and newer ships offer Internet access to passengers.

Can we celebrate a "special" day?
Yes. Cruise lines will accommodate your needs for whatever your special day may be. Simply tell a BeatAnyCruisePrice.com Representative and they will help you in setting it up with the cruise line.

Do cruise lines allow Group Cruise reservations?
Definitely! In fact, the BeatAnyCruisePrice.com has a department that specializes in Group Cruise reservation for a discounted group rate!

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